The City of Atmore is ideally suited for business or leisure transportation via air, rail, port and highway.

How are we able to make this claim?

  • The City of Atmore is only minutes from Interstates 65 and 10 providing easy access in all four directions.
  • Highway 31 which runs through the city is another popular and scenic access east and west.
  • Atmore plays host to one of only two AMTRAK stops in southern Alabama.
  • The city is also home for major coast to coast freight haulers, a city municipal airport and a four county employee transportation service.
  • Commercial interests are ideally served with direct access in Atmore by Alabama & Gulf Coast and CSX nationwide freight lines.
  • Less than one hour from Atmore are two deep water ports and two major airports served by five major airlines plus their regional subsidiaries providing daily flights to national and international destinations.