Atmore, Alabama Major Industries

When a company searches for an ideal place to establish a hub for their business operations, they will find that Atmore, Alabama is a perfect choice. We provide a great place for businesses and companies to find a home: a nice area with a great standard of living and a solid workforce. And the City of Atmore is always on board to be a part of a great business relationship. One that will produce mutual benefits—providing business with employees while creating jobs and services for our community. 

While Atmore initially started out as an agricultural and timber community in Escambia County, our city has grown to include industries like metal fabrication, textiles, and even communication companies. This has stirred excitement for Atmore’s potential as a promising place to settle. The ample employment prospects lend themselves to this trend. 

As Atmore continues to expand, more industries and businesses will find a place in our area and make this their home as well. We’re always welcoming to new industries willing to plant roots! What follows is a little more information about the industrial business entities currently in the Atmore area.



Our roots in the timber business and agriculture services are still very much alive in area lumber manufacturer Swift Lumber, Inc. and Tiger-Sul Products, LLC. The latter being a company that produces agricultural mixes. Meanwhile, our fabrication services sector is still going strong with companies like Alabama Tank (fabricated plate work), Escofab, Inc. (fabricated metal), Muskogee Technology (fabricated metal stamping), and Alto Products Corp. (clutch plates). All these local companies add up to a robust fabrication industry here close to home in Atmore. Atmore is also proud to headquarter a vibrant textile industry, with Atmore Industries and Masland Carpets producing non-woven fabric and floor coverings, respectively. 

In addition, Atmore also has other industrial employers including Atmore Ready Mix, Escambia Operating Company, and Gulf Transport. Atmore Ready Mix works with concrete, Escambia Operating Company involves itself with gas condensate, and Gulf Transport handles industrial transport solutions. And that’s not even mentioning newcomer Impact Telecom, a company that offers exciting employment prospects: it’s diversifying our business operations with telecommunications services. 



Lumber and Agriculture

Swift Lumber, Inc. – Lumber | 251-368-8801 |

Tiger-Sul Products, LLC – Agricultural mixes | 800-239-3647  |


Metal Fabrication

Alabama Tank – Fabricated plate work | 800-522-8265 |

Alto Products Corp. – Clutch plates | 251-368-7777 |

Brown Precision, Inc. – Engineering, Machining, & Fabrication | 256-746-0533 |

Escofab, Inc. – Fabricated metal | 251-368-1261 |

Muskogee Technology – Fabricated metal stamping | 251-368-0818 |


Atmore Industries – Non-woven fabric for filtration | 888-396-2566 |

Masland Carpets – Floor coverings | 800-633-0468 |

More Atmore Industries

Atmore Ready Mix – Concrete | 850-477-2899 |  

Escambia Operating Company – Gas condensate | 251-368-6700 |

Gulf Transport – Industrial Transport | 251-368-6636 | 

Communication Companies

Impact Telecom – Telecommunications | 888-411-1175 |


Is the Atmore, Alabama area right for you and your company? Reach out and let’s talk. Hopefully, we can build a mutual relationship that not only provides services for the community but also long-term success for everyone involved. If you’re interested in transferring an existing business or starting a new business in Atmore, contact us for support in the process and learn more about Atmore’s economic development initiatives.