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Located in the heart of Alabama’s Escambia County, Atmore’s housing costs continue to be the ‘sweet’ real estate deal that you have always dreamed about. With a lower initial cost, lower taxes and utilities, and a desirable “small town America” atmosphere, Atmore is a great place to make your home. And while recent trends have shown that housing costs across the United States have risen in the past few years, the comparative cost for Atmore is much less than in other areas. For instance, we’ve supplied a sample of average housing costs in cities across the nation.

$243,304 – Washington, DC/MD/VA/WV
$197,850 – Seattle, WA
$140,672 – Albuquerque, NM
$127,246 – Mobile, AL
$115,000 – Pensacola, FL
$107,820 – Ft. Myers, FL
$95,000 – Atmore, AL

As you can clearly see, through this up-to-date local realtor-sourced information listing, you can get a lot more value for your money in Atmore, Alabama. And that’s not even mentioning the scenic southern Alabama setting or convenient proximity to the Florida Panhandle and the ever-beautiful Gulf of Mexico. All in all, you can’t really go wrong with living in Atmore, Alabama. And we’d love for you to put down roots with us. At this point, the housing choice may not be clear, but the destination sure is: Atmore!

If you’d like to check out current listings for homes in and around the Atmore area, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we can help link you with qualified real estate agents in Atmore who know how to find your absolute dream home in picturesque Atmore, Alabama.



In Atmore, AL we aren’t too shy about showing off our assets to travelers and newcomers, alike. In fact, we’d be more than happy to. One of our local realtors can help you find the house or land that best suits your needs. Find how to contact them conveniently below. We hope to see you as you tour—and bustling around our town yourself soon!

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