City of Atmore Housing and Real Estate

Atmore, Alabama’s housing cost continues to be the ‘sweet’ real estate deal that you have always dreamed about. With lower initial costs, a lower tax and utility cost, and a desirable “small town America” atmosphere, Atmore is the logical choice for your home. Although recent trends have shown that housing costs have risen in the past few years, the comparative cost is much less than in other areas.

$243,304 – Washington, DC/MD/VA/WV
$218,800 – San Diego, CA
$197,850 – Seattle, WA
$140,672 – Albuquerque, NM
$132,009 – Myrtle Beach, SC
$127,246 – Mobile, AL
$126,723 – Phoenix, AZ
$119,277 – Tampa, FL
$118,363 – Charleston, SC
$107,820 – Ft. Myers, FL
$115,000 – Pensacola, FL
$95,000 – Atmore, AL

Information supplied by local realtors