City of Atmore Economic Development

Atmore is home to a wide range of industries that have grown over the years. Agriculture and timber have been longtime staples of the Escambia County economy. Newer additions include textiles, metal fabrication, and communication companies. 

City leaders aren’t taking this growth for granted though. They realize that having available land and citizens with a strong work ethic isn’t enough on its own to attract businesses. Because of this, our leaders have taken a proactive approach to industrial recruitment. This strategy has included adding and selling buildings at the 150-acre Atmore Industrial Park, along with creating the Rivercane Development project.

We know that having a trained and educated population is attractive to many businesses, which is why the local Jefferson David Community College and Alabama Industrial Development Training have teamed up for special collaborations with companies. This program will teach potential employees about each company’s specific operations, ensuring that your new hires are well-trained from the beginning.  

The City of Atmore also works in conjunction with the Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce, the Escambia County Industrial Development Authority and the Coastal Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance to attract new business and industry to the area while pursuing marketing strategies that promote the growth of our community and its existing industries. The City and Chamber are also working on beautification and hometown pride initiatives to enhance the downtown business district, as well as commercial and industrial properties.