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Tropical Storm Delta FEMA News Release

ATMORE – Atmore City Hall Complex, 201 E. Louisville Ave., closes at 6 p.m. Oct. 7. Operations resume 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12.


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ECCPC Granted $105K for Youth Programs in Atmore

As the largest city in Escambia County, Atmore has grown into an attractive town to call home for families and businesses. This includes an active youth that offers great potential to the future of Atmore. As with many growing cities, socio-economic disadvantages and a simple lack of resources can challenge communities, as well as the… Read more

Affected by Hurricane Sally? Know Your Facts

Residents and businesses along the Gulf Coast have been greatly affected by Hurricane Sally and its destructive aftermath. This includes many people in Alabama, including the City of Atmore. Trying to help those affected sort through fact and fiction during recovery efforts, the department of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, offered these responses… Read more

Atmore Author Releases 15th Book

Atmore native Lou Vickery recently announced the release of his newest book, “Alabama Creek Indians.” This is his fifteenth book, and highlights historical facts about the Creek Indians in the state of Alabama.  According to a media release, Lou Vickery is an Alabama Creek Indian through the Moniac lineage, one of the original Poarch Creek… Read more

Meet Atmore’s Film Company: Around the Reel

For many of us, 2020 has felt like a very realistic movie––a global pandemic, wildfires, and the harrowing election coming up have all made this year feel almost otherworldly. One catastrophic event after another—the perfect setting for a film.  For one company in particular, 2020 has been the perfect year to start a filmmaking community… Read more

Be Prepared for Hurricanes With This Checklist

Prime Atlantic hurricane season is August, September, and October. This means, the next few months could harness unpredictable weather patterns––to say the least. The most important thing you can do right now is get yourself, your family, and your home prepared.  Ideally, you should stock seven basic items in your home: water, food, first aid… Read more

Congratulations to ECSS’s Four New Principals

Many new smiling faces were added at the Escambia County School System June board meeting, where the board hired four new principals, along with approximately 80 other new employees.  Toya McMillan was named the principal at Rachel Patterson Elementary School; Leah Fuqua was named the principal at Huxford Elementary School; Takecia Barlow of Montgomery was… Read more

Congratulations to These 149 Rotary Club Academic All-Stars!

149 outstanding students were recognized as Atmore Rotary Club Academic All-Stars for their academic achievements and excellence in high school. Since 1985, the Atmore Rotary Club has acknowledged the academic excellence of its students, who have been able to withhold an average of A’s and B’s throughout their high school career.  When the school year… Read more

Mayfest Is Back!

Mayfest is one of our very favorite events, but with the invasion of COVID-19, it simply couldn’t happen at the regularly scheduled time. However, we are thrilled to say that Mayfest will be happening July 31—August 1 of this year at Tom Byrne Park! Mayfest: Optimism in the Face of Setbacks Executive Director of the… Read more

COVID-19: What You Need to Know

While we’re still learning about the novel coronavirus, there are a lot of things we do know—like how it spreads, and how best to protect yourself and others. Keep reading for more information.  How to Protect Yourself Right now, there is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. That means that the best way to prevent getting… Read more

Vaccines Are Coming to Escambia County and Brewton City Schools

This month, Brewton, Atmore and Flomaton communities will be partaking in School Based Vaccination Clinics to vaccinate children and protect them from HPV. According to a county-wide report, Alabama is in the top two percentile in the country for cervical cancer rates, and in the top five percentile for cervical cancer deaths. Human papilloma virus… Read more