Atmore’s Historic Strand Theatre Receives Joint RCD $150K Grant


It was one century ago that the historic Strand Theatre came to life in downtown Atmore, living its glory days to draw film enthusiasts out for movie night from Atmore and the North Escambia area of Florida and Alabama counties. Residents recall fond memories of seeing their favorite blockbusters like Jaws, Valley of the Dolls, and Disney features on the big screen—popcorn and candy in hand. The Atmore Strand Theatre enlivened the downtown area as a hub for the community.

Until recently, the theatre lost its sizzle and glam just as many similar landmarks do as times change, and operations shut down. Good news is that economic progress is well in motion to help the Atmore Strand Theatre thrive in its novel beauty once again. 

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Rural Development Partners (RDP) with Coastal Growers LLC announced a $150,000 jointly funded grant to the Pride of Atmore through RDP’s Community Investment Program.

The $3.3 million project includes restoring the historic Strand Theatre, established in 1921, to serve as the city’s downtown hub for entertainment once again. 

Moving Atmore Forward with Revitalization

Revitalization efforts in the City of Atmore have continued to grow, bringing new and returning businesses to downtown. Restaurants, bars, and specialty shops are thriving—creating a variety of workforce opportunities to stabilize local and regional businesses. With the new Strand Theatre project added to the mix, positive vibes are flowing.

Many people who live and work in Atmore see the newly funded project to be a game changer for the community as it continues pushing revitalization efforts. You can sense the Atmore pride growing as the RDP and Coastal Grower’s immediate commitment and involvement within the community takes shape. City leaders and businesses look forward to continuing the unique partnership that elevates Atmore to heightened economic levels.

Getting New Plans Off the Ground 

Demolition for Strand Theatre renovations have started in downtown Atmore. Interior walls separating the lobby and the main theater have been removed, and the old silver screen is down. Plans for the theatre are for it to undergo a complete interior and exterior renovation with a new lobby, theatre area, and marquee. 

Other renovations include a music studio addition in the adjacent building, which will serve as a cornerstone for the arts and cultural community hosting performance. Live music events, lectures, and community and private events will help ensure Atmore stays up to date on critical factors of education, technology, and cultural happenings. 

Join in the City of Atmore Revitalization 

With so many great things happening in the City of Atmore, there’s plenty of room to grow with it as a community member. As a business owner, resident, developer, or fundraiser, you can help make a difference for a promising future. Learn more about the City of Atmore and what we can do for you.