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Plans to Finish Atmore Bridges in Progress


It looks like the year 2021 is on its way to offering smoother navigation of roads and bridges in the City of Atmore and surrounding areas. It’s all thanks to Rebuild Alabama, the county’s road resurfacing program, which includes the completion of several projects in the region.

The Escambia County Commissioner’s plan hopes to have all projects in the program completed by the fall of 2021. The program was projected to wrap up earlier, but the damage of Hurricane Sally and Hurricane Zeta delayed progress, although the project is now back on track for the following Atmore areas. 

Smithfield Road

First on the list for completion this spring is Smithfield Road. Located north of Atmore, this project involves resurfacing and road striping 4.2 miles of roadway from County Road 30 to Alabama 21 near McCullough. The estimated cost of the project is $500,000 and will update the roadways for improved transportation and beautification

Sybil Lane

The Kirkland Road project is focused on resurfacing and traffic striping over 3.5 miles of multiple roads, spanning from Sybil Lane to U.S. 31. Estimates for this road improvement come in at $340,000 for improved flow for residents and businesses alike.

Additional County Road Work

Other county roads getting a facelift of resurfacing and striping include portions of Old Atmore Road, Tulip Street, Beaver Creek Road, and Wing Road. Key areas that have needed attention will be addressed on these county roads in the Atmore area for better traveling conditions.

The total cost estimate for all projects in the plan was just over $1.9 million and covered just under 19 miles of county roadways.

The Rebuild Alabama project was announced last year by Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Transportation. 

“Alabamians across the state are continually seeing the progress made on our roads and bridges,” Ivey said. “these projects…are going to go a long way in improving our state and the daily lives of every Alabamian. Having a modern and safe infrastructure system will help Alabama continue to advance, and I remain committed to ensuring that this is a reality for us.”

The City of Atmore continues to make its community a better place in which to live, work, learn, and grow. This includes offering diverse avenues of transportation to help residents and businesses stay connected for future opportunities of growth. To learn more about the City of Atmore and how it could become your next stop for a residence or business opportunity, contact us.