ECCPC Granted $105K for Youth Programs in Atmore


As the largest city in Escambia County, Atmore has grown into an attractive town to call home for families and businesses. This includes an active youth that offers great potential to the future of Atmore. As with many growing cities, socio-economic disadvantages and a simple lack of resources can challenge communities, as well as the potential progress for its young people. The good news is that the City of Atmore is working to find ways to change that, creating new resources and opportunities for youth of all ages. Its newest victory is forging ahead with tremendous enthusiasm.

$105,00 in Grants Awarded to Atmore

The Escambia County Children’s Policy Council announced Oct. 20, 2020, that it received $105,000 in grants to help implement programs in the Atmore community. Applications were submitted to the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and the Alabama Department of Abuse and Neglect to secure funding for important community initiatives. These funds are an essential part of building a stronger foundation to engage, elevate, and expand future opportunities for youth.

Plans for Motivation and Excitement

As plans move into place, the building of these programs is already creating an environment where motivation and excitement will thrive for youth to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Leaders are working together to get the most return on investment for the grant funding. 

Atmore Youth Drop-In Center 

A Youth Drop-In Center is set to be funded to offer critical resources to youth, giving them a haven for learning, safety, and a growth that moves forward. A few of the programs to be included in the center include: 

  • Counseling
  • Drug awareness
  • Healthy alternatives to high-risk behaviors 
  • Mentoring services
  • Internet
  • Sexual prevention
  • Tutoring
  • Youth resources

Benefits of Having an Atmore Youth Drop-Off Center 

Gaining a community center provides unlimited potential for the City of Atmore’s youth. Some of its benefits are obvious, while others are met on a deeper level. Benefits for those who participate in the program may include:

  • Drug awareness and prevention
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Higher community involvement
  • Higher school performance
  • Improved family interactions
  • Lower risk for entry into the criminal justice system
  • Mentoring support 
  • Reduced depression and anxiety

Learn more about City of Atmore Programs

With so many programs in progress and under development in Atmore, residents, businesses, and visitors can grow with its offerings. Find out how Atmore can benefit your business and quality of life.