100+ Jobs Coming to Atmore Thanks to Peanut Shelling Plant


Alabama has long been a key player in the peanut farming industry. Miles of primed land and warmer temperatures lay the perfect groundwork for its nutty goodness. As farmers work their magic, Coastal Growers LLC is investing $87 million to build a peanut-shelling plant and storage facility in Atmore, further designating the area as a leading peanut hub for south Alabama.

The new peanut-shelling plant is scheduled for construction on more than 60 acres in the Atmore Industrial Park. Covering 400,000 square feet of space, construction is expected to take one year to complete. With this great news comes new opportunities and growth for the City of Atmore

More Than 100 New Jobs for Atmore

Facility planners are set to fill more than 100 new full-time jobs to operate the Atmore plant and, ultimately, as many as 150 positions are anticipated. Positions will respectfully average more than $17 an hour. With this comes growing excitement for plant workers and families looking for solid, consistent employment in Atmore for the future.

Local Business Growth

New economic development and full-time jobs are expected to further support growth for the City of Atmore. Shelling operations often generate development in infrastructure locally and in surrounding communities, increasing revenue for businesses, which can snowball into further employment opportunities. This can be reflected in growing needs for housing, healthcare, retail, and more, while fueling new ideas and plans to support Atmore as the go-to city for shopping, working, and playing.

More Profitable and Sustainable Farming

While the new peanut-shelling plant boosts economic factors for local residents and businesses, The Coastal Growers facility introduces a vital resource for peanut farmers in Alabama and beyond, helping to make their operations more profitable and sustainable. 

Perhaps best of all, The Coastal Growers facility will be owned by the farmers that use it—most of whom live and work in Alabama. That means farmers get to keep profits to themselves. This is a positive outcome for the farmers and for the immediate area, keeping money in the community for immense economic benefit.

Learn More About the City of Atmore

The new peanut-shelling plant brings new growth for our city and those who enjoy its diverse offerings. Check out the business and economy segments as well as how residents live and work in Atmore. There’s always something to do, so make sure to drop by next time you’re in town. We’ll leave the welcome mat out for you!