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Atmore Author Releases 15th Book

Lou Vickery

Atmore native Lou Vickery recently announced the release of his newest book, “Alabama Creek Indians.” This is his fifteenth book, and highlights historical facts about the Creek Indians in the state of Alabama. 

According to a media release, Lou Vickery is an Alabama Creek Indian through the Moniac lineage, one of the original Poarch Creek Families. In his book, Vickery uses authentic, deep, and rich information to deliver a truly illuminating history of the Creek Indians of Alabama. 

State Rep. Steve McMillian applauded Vickery’s book, saying that “it is a well-thought-out and thoroughly researched book that offers the reader a fascinating journey into the history of the Muscogee and Creek Indians. Vickery offers a timeless material that helps the reader truly navigate the historical, genealogical, and biographical base of the Alabama Creek Indians.”

Per the release, readers will learn many fascinating facts and revelations about the Creek Indians, including: 

  • How the Creek tribal government and its lifeways evolved over the last several centuries due to assimilation and outside influence; 
  • How Europeans settled in Creek country and integrated by marrying Creek maidens;
  • Discover the facts behind the Creek’s civilization; 
  • Explore the fascinating life of General Alexander McGillivray and his role as a military officer in four different countries; 
  • and the construction of the Federal Road in the early 1800s

In addition to the rich history Lou Vickery provides in this book, he also explores the origin, history, culture, and legend of what became known as the Alabama Creek Nation. Vickery draws from first-person accounts, letters, government reports, and records to paint a beautiful and honorable picture of the Alabama Creek Nation. 

This is a book history lovers and Alabamians alike will find interesting and hard to put down. For more information, visit Lou Vickery’s website to find out how you can purchase his book.