Meet Atmore’s Film Company: Around the Reel


For many of us, 2020 has felt like a very realistic movie––a global pandemic, wildfires, and the harrowing election coming up have all made this year feel almost otherworldly. One catastrophic event after another—the perfect setting for a film. 

For one company in particular, 2020 has been the perfect year to start a filmmaking community project. Meet Around the Reel, a community film company that was formed in late May of this year. The company’s vision is to help engage the community in something fun and entertaining in the filmmaking aspect, Owner and Founder Haley Grassia said.

Haley Grassia takes pride in the company’s Christian foundation, which explains why their company tries to stay away from supernatural and otherwise occult material. Despite this small tweak, the company tries to dip their toes in a wide variety of film genres. Grassia said the company’s film repertoire includes a lot of family-oriented productions. 

Long-term, Around the Reel would like to provide an opportunity for people to be involved in a project where they can learn, grow, and provide another form of entertainment. Albert Grassia, Haley’s husband, added that they’d like to provide films for festivals and online viewing. 

The company’s current project centers around a docuseries about filmmaking, and who Around the Reel is as a company. Basically, Around the Reel is establishing who we are and how we make movies, and what it’s like, Haley Grassia said. 

In addition to sharing filmmaking with the community of Atmore, Haley Grassia said the company wants to work with other businesses as well.

Around the Reel wasn’t created to be a competition. Instead, they want to partner with local businesses and highlight what they do, be it through commercials or just bringing others together.

According to Haley Grassia, Around the Reel shot the scenes for the Atmore revitalization grant. 

And we believe that this is only the beginning for this incredibly community-driven company.