How Atmore Is Bouncing Back from COVID-19


As of April 30, Alabama has seen almost 7,000 cases of COVID-19, and experienced the loss of many. Governor Kay Ivey is taking the stance to continue keeping Alabamians at home as much as possible––to prevent spreading the virus to others in the state, and above all, to keep our families safe.

In Atmore, our city has been taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of our citizens and the wellbeing of our community, not just for COVID-19, but for a better future going forward. Here’s how we’re bouncing back from COVID-19, and how a pandemic has truly brought our community together for the better. 

The Community is Giving Back

Within the past two months, Atmore Care Christian Ministry has seen an uptick in visitors, as more people have come in requesting food and other materials during the pandemic. About three months ago, out of generosity and love for the community of Atmore, Escambia County Prohealth donated enough money to help Atmore Care Christian Ministry expand their current location. This expansion has allotted more room for the food pantry to have walk-in coolers installed for important, perishable items. 

Along with the expansion of the Atmore Care Christian Ministry, Escambia County Prohealth has also given a donation to the city parks to help the parks department purchase playground equipment for children, as well as provide the funds for exercise equipment for adults. 

We’re so fortunate to have such a wonderful, giving community that is still interested in helping others during a time where everyone has something else to worry about. 

Donations Welcome and Accepted

Our community appreciates any and all donations; however, donating money goes much further than donating food. Rather than paying retail prices for generic food brands from the grocery store, our food banks can receive healthy, nutritious food at discounted rates from trusted farmers, manufacturers, and retailers. This means, if you donate money, you could feed far more families than if you just went to the store and bought food yourself. 

Along with monetary and food donations, our community is gathering together to make lunches for children who are out of school due to COVID-19. One church in our community, Grace Fellowship, in partnership with Feeding the Coast, has been supplying weekly meals Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for children 18 years and below. 

When the school failed to continue to provide lunches for children, our community churches intervened, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their service. 

Small Businesses Are Banding Together

Small businesses in Atmore have taken a huge hit from the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped them from extending a helping hand to one another. One Atmore resident, Sara Cuningham, owner of southern boutique Hawt Mess, started a raffle to help uplift small business owners in the city of Atmore. She also wanted to use this opportunity to give back to the community, namely, Ernie Digmon. 

Ernie Digmon is an Atmore resident who is using his own funds to provide school lunches for children who are affected by school closings in Atmore. Businesses that are involved with this community giveback include Hawt Mess, Tiger Lily, Philanthropic Seed, Cotton + Co, The Junky Pearl, and Magnolia & Co. 

All in all, we’ve learned that despite the uncertain circumstances, our wonderful community is always ready to give to those in need. We’re so thankful for the people and city of Atmore, Alabama.