Vaccines Are Coming to Escambia County and Brewton City Schools

school vaccines

This month, Brewton, Atmore and Flomaton communities will be partaking in School Based Vaccination Clinics to vaccinate children and protect them from HPV. According to a county-wide report, Alabama is in the top two percentile in the country for cervical cancer rates, and in the top five percentile for cervical cancer deaths. Human papilloma virus can cause six types of cancer including cervical, penile, anal, mouth, and throat cancer. In a lifetime, about eight out of ten people will contract some type of HPV. Over 40,000 new cases of HPV-associated cancers are diagnosed in men and women in the United States every year.

Despite these staggering statistics, Alabama remains at #38 out of 50 states who vaccinate for HPV. For the safety and health of our children, we urge that you take this vaccination seriously to protect your child from cancer later on in life. 

Vaccines will be given in Escambia County schools on March 17th, and Brewton City schools on March 18th.