What You Need to Know to Vote in Atmore

Thank you for being interested in registering to vote in the general election for Atmore City Council District members. We are glad to be of assistance. Please note that you can use the voter registration application to register or update your voter registration information online or by mail. Please follow the guidelines below to register or update.

Your Local Elected Officials

Atmore City Council Districts allocate Atmore City Council members to represent each citizen in policy-making and legislative endeavors for Atmore, AL.

Individual Atmore City Council members carry out duties of the office, such as planning and negotiating the municipal budget, introducing local resolutions, and supporting citizen needs in the district. Each member of the Atmore City Council is also involved in several other responsibilities.

Municipal Election & Voting in Atmore

Residents of Atmore, Alabama who will vote in local municipal elections can find all of the voting information here or by navigating to the Atmore City Council page.

Register To Vote in Atmore

There are several ways you can vote in local Escambia County Alabama elections. Below are your options as a registered voter in Atmore, AL:

  • Download the Mail-In Voter Registration form. Print out the form, fill out the information, and mail it to your local board of registrars. All individuals registering to vote must complete and send the application with their original signature to the county's Board of Registrars in which they reside.
  • Submit your application electronically.
  • We will forward a Mail-In Voter Registration form by mail.

Please fill in all information completely and accurately.

Important Note: The Alabama Mail-In Voter Registration application form is for use solely by residents of the State of Alabama. If you reside in another state or district, please contact your state or local election officials for more information on registering to vote.

You can also visit the Election Assistance Commission website to review the federal postcard voter registration form. Call the Voter Hotline at 800-274-8683 for assistance. Please be sure to include a complete mailing address and the number of voting forms that you require.

Make sure you are eligible to vote for local and state legislators; the voter identification card lists the various districts in which you reside (State House of Representatives, State Senate, etc.).

Voting District Map Opens in new window

Polling Locations as shown in map:

  • District 1 (shown in yellow): Atmore Public Library
  • District 2 (shown in green): City Hall Auditorium
  • District 3 (shown in pink): Friendship Club
  • District 4 (shown in light blue): City Hall Council Chambers
  • District 5 (shown in orange): County Shop