Revenue Department

About Us

It is important to us that the tax dollars we collect are correctly accounted for and are used appropriately for Atmore. The revenue department is happy to be held accountable by the Atmore City Council during their regular meetings at City Hall. We understand that the tax money we receive fuels our community by helping to support necessary services like our fire department.

The Atmore Revenue Department is responsible for issuing business licenses, making sure that all license and tax requirements match up with established tax ordinances, and collecting fees and other revenue for the city. 

Business Licenses

A business license is required to open a business within the city limits of Atmore. In order to obtain one, you must complete and submit a business license application as well as pay the fees that go along with it. Business licenses are obtained through county probate offices. The City of Atmore contains a probate office for Escambia County.

The Business Application form should be typed or printed legibly, as well as signed by an owner, partner, or officer in the business. Complete it and send it to our mailing address. Our receipt of this form will initiate the process for registering your business with the city.

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Property Tax Questions

It is the role of the Escambia County Tax Assessor to estimate property values. Their office does not collect taxes, but documents all taxable property in the county and appraises its market value. For assessments, appraisals, and mapping, please call the tax assessor office at 251-368-8078.